MOGENTALE AIR EXTRACTION CONSTRUCTION: OVER 30 YEARS' EXPERIENCE SPEAK ABOUT US more than ever before, the problem of air filtration and purification is a hot topic. THIS MUST BE FACED BY EVERY COMPANY THAT WANTS TO IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY AND QUALITY OF LIFE, taking in objective risk assessment and compliance with the relevant legislation. 

MOGENTALE is a specialist in this sector with over thirty years of experience in the construction of equipment for SMOKE, DUST AND SHAVINGS EXTRACTION.
We work with both craftsmen and large industrial concerns, covering many production sectors, such as: WOODWORKING, MECHANICAL, SHOES, TEXTILES, FOOD, PLASTICS, CERAMICS, CEMENT, FOUNDRIES AND CHEMICALS. 

We operate according to the Quality System foreseen by UNI EN ISO 9001:2001.